A Revolution in Scar Treatment.

Drug-free. Latex-free.

When it comes to confidence and self-esteem, a scar can hurt as much (or sometimes more) than the event that caused it. Most of us have scars. Whether from an accident, surgery, burn, C-section, acne, or simple scrape, ScarAway can help. ScarAway is an FDA Class-1 medical product designed to shrink, flatten and fade both new and old scars.

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ScarAway – Silicone Scar Treatment Technology.

Now You See It.
What is a scar?

A scar is the natural result of the healing process, but collagen overproduction can often cause scars to become raised, thick, and discolored. They can also be painful, itchy, and impair mobility. Though there are various types of scars, there is one effective reduction and prevention treatment, ScarAway.


Shrink, Flatten, Fade*
How does a scar heal?

ScarAway products are made with the same Advanced Patented Silicone Technology used by burn centers, plastic surgeons and hospitals. Now, this breakthrough technology, shown in countless clinical studies to work, is available to you – without a prescription.

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ScarAway – In The News
The word is out.

ScarAway has been featured in such magazines as Shape, Real Simple and Prevention. Everyday, more and more people are discovering the secret of scar treatment and prevention that is based on over two decades of proven science.

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