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The Solution for Scars.

“Silicone scar treatments have been clinically proven to help minimize scarring and to reduce the appearance of pre-existing scars. With regular usage, scars will become thinner, softer and less visible. I recommend silicone treatments to my patients to help maximize their results”.
- Dr. Edgar F. Fincher, Los Angeles Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgeon.

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“My scar has healed much better and faster than I – or my doctor – or my husband – had ever expected. My doctor commented on my terrific progress at every check up, and he and his assistant are continuing to recommend your product to all patients. I sent a box to my daughter who recently had surgery, and she is a fan now, also. I’m very grateful for ScarAway, because the thoughts of an unsightly scar was one of my biggest fears about my surgery.”

- Nancy, Houston, Texas

“Recommended by physical therapist. This product has significantly reduced the appearance of my scars. I am very happy with this product. Also, each pad lasts about 7 days of 12 hours a day use, so it is economical.”
Susan, Philadelphia, PA

“After having some melanoma removed from my chest, I researched medical silicone gel products immediately. I received ScarAway within a few days of ordering and it was exactly the product I needed. After only a 2 weeks use, my 1 1/2 long scar requiring several stitches is barely noticeable. Great product, excellent service.”
Sherry, New York, NY

“Excellent material, stays adhesive to your skin for over a week. I have noticed improvement on scar in just 2 weeks.”
Quyen On, Chula Vista, CA

“My Doctor recommended Scaraway for my c-section scar. I noticed an immediate help with the itching and tenderness of the scar. Scaraway is helping it heal really fast and it already looks great! The red bumps on the scar disappeared and it is almost completely flat. My scar looks so much better than other c-section scars that I have seen. Great product, thanks!”
L. Dubay, MA

“I am in my 8th week of using the ScarAway sheets on two scars and am thrilled with the results that I am seeing. I had mohs surgery on my upper left arm in December on a skin cancer that had formed on an old surgical scar. I was dreading the look of a “new scar” with the raised edges, redness, etc. To my amazement, the new scar already looks significantly better than the old one. It is completely flat and has no redness. By the 12th week, this four inch long scar is going to be barely visible. The second scar is from a mohs surgery for a skin cancer that was removed from my right shoulder over a year ago. The scar is quite wide with uneven edges and still red. It has flattened out completely since using the ScarAway sheets. It still has some redness but is fading nicely. Since I have four more weeks to use the sheets, I expect that most of the redness, if not all, will be gone when I complete my 12 weeks of use. Thank you for such a great product! I would not have known ScarAway sheets existed if my dermatologist had not recommended that I use them.”
S. Vincent, Palm Desert, California

“ScarAway is easy to use and a great product. Surgery scars usually take 3-4 years to fade for me; however, with my last surgery I was able to see improvement within weeks by using ScarAway.”- Denise, Kansas City

“I’ve used the sheets diligently for 12 weeks and there is a very noticeable difference, (see photos above), I took a before photo, because my husband thought I was spending a lot of money on something that wouldn’t do much, but I’ve certainly proved him wrong.I was only about 6 weeks post surgery when I found your product in a magazine. I was using vitamin E oil previously and I was so tired of it getting all over my clothes, the ScarAway sheets provided a much better solution.As it turned out the sheets are actually dual prupose in the fact that they also created a small barrier between my very sensative scar skin and the zipper on my pants, I was able to wear blue jeans for the first time since the surgery
“I found that ScarAway did a good job reducing the redness and rough tissue of my scar. I had a burn from a grill that was approximately 1 year old when I started using the ScarAway sheets. I used the sheets for eight weeks and noticed an almost complete reduction of the tough, bumpy tissue in the center of the scar and all but about a 1/8 inch portion returned to the normal color of my skin. I can’t be happier with how well they worked.”
– Don, Asheville, NC
“I use Scar-Away everyday on a chest scar. Scar Away relieves the terrible itching around the scar. Scar-Away has also noticeably lightened my scar.”
Joni, Caldwell, Idaho
“ScarAway has worked very with with a scar resulting from the removal of a basel cell. The diminishing results are also noted by my plastic surgeon who recommended continued use for another 90 days. I am very pleased.”

Janis S.

“I am definitely satisfied with ScarAway and I will continue to use this product. I had a scar for over 8 years that was discolored and rough in texture. ScarAway, after 3 months of use, significantly smoothened and softened my scar unlike any other product I’ve tried before. ScarAway was also very easy use since I could just put in on my scar and not really have to worry about it. I’ve tried topical gels and creams that were designed to do the same as ScarAway, but ScarAway was the only product that was effective for me.”

M. Hoang, Boston, MA

“I am very impressed with how the ScarAway Silicone Scar Sheets have greatly improved the appearance of my surgical scarring post surgery. I used another product prior to ScarAway, but with little improvement. I am glad I decided to give this product a try because I’m extremely pleased with the results.”
Julie S, Prairie Farm, WI
“I loved your product. Being a dark skin person I didn’t know what to choose. Your product was referred to me by my plastic surgeon. It took the scar down significantly and in some areas you can’t even see a surgical cut. I will continue to use this product on myself and my children.”
Jacquie A., Raleigh, NC
“I have used 24 sheets so far for a Keloid scar I have right in the middle of my chest. The scar is about 10 years old and came from a surgical procedure I had to remove a previous scar (real great I know). It’s about 2″ wide by 1″ high and this size has not changed in the 10 years, but what has changed since I started using your product is the overall depth of the scar. It used to protrude about 1/2″ from my skin outwards but after using the silicon sheets it has flattened out by more then half of what it used to be. I’m very glad to have found your product and that it has greatly help me in my scar appearance. I sure didn’t want to go through another medical procedure just to end up with even a worse scar. Thanks again.”

Dan B., Brewerton, NY

“My daughter had surgery on 11/10/08. The surgeon suggested we purchase Scaraway at her follow-up visit. She has only had the sheets a few weeks, however, I see a difference already. I am really amazed. The redness from the scar is almost gone already. Thanks so much!”
Tami D., Corning, NY

“Where do I start. You have no idea how much Scar Away has helped me with the pain I have had for at least 5 months. I tried over the counter products and nothing worked. I had a breast reduction and the doctor said I have very hyper sensitive skin. I was starting to regret the surgery. Until I found Scar Away. I can now ware a bra, sleep on my stomach again and not go thou everyday in pain. Thank you sooo much for this product”.
Christin V.

“I bought a pack of scar away for a raised acne scar on my face. It was a big purple bump. After using this product my scar is almost flat and a light pink. I’m buying another box since it worked so well. The results are so impressive I definitely would recommend it.”

Maria G.

“I have a 2-3 inch keloid scar on my chest near my collar bone and I not only use the scar patch to cover it, the silicone-based patch helps reduce the symptoms of the scar and helps flatten it.”
Julie J., Wailuku, Hawaii

“I am blown away with how these strips have worked so far!! I had surgery on 10/13/08 and started wearing these ScarAway strips on my scar 2 weeks later! It’s amazing how my scar looks now. I am very happy with my results! When I first started using them- my scar was raised and sort of ugly looking and red. Now just almost 3 months later, my scar is pretty much flat and pink. I know it will continue to fade with these ScarAway strips! I will continue using them!! Thanks!!”
Karla A., San Antonio, TX

“My doctor recommended ScarAway for my C-section scar. I noticed an immediate help with the itching and tenderness of the scar. Scaraway is helping it heal really fast and it already looks great! The red bumps on the scar disappeared and it is almost completely flat. My scar looks so much better than other C-section scars that I have seen. Great product, thanks!”
- L., Dubay, MA

“Excellent product. I have a 4 month old surgery scar and I can tell a difference after using only a couple of weeks. In fact, I placed a second order so I could continue using the patches.”
Regina, Powell, TN

“I have used scar away for about 3 mos and have noticed my scars have improved significantly. I had raised ugly red scars that hurt to lay on them, they have improved in a short amount of time. The product is easy to use and stays on well. I will continue to use this until they have faded away.”
Colleen W

“Sharon, I enjoyed using ScarAway. It really minimized my scarring and color. I plan to use it again in the future and would recommend friends and family to use it as well.”
J. Pokgio

“I have a scar on my left breast that’s about 1.5″ long. It was constantly itching and irritated by my bra, and just the fabric touching it was more than I could stand. I started using the ScarAway strips and within a week I noticed the area was less irritated. After about a month the scar was noticeably smoother. I love this product and am so happy to have discovered it.”
Christine A.

“I have an old scar of 30 years on my right ankle. It is 2″ long, 1″ wide and 1/4″ thick. It had bothered me for most of my life with pain when touching and wearing the shoes. After 1 week of using the product, the tenderness and redness on the edge of the scar were dramatically improved. The scar is noticable flatter. I am happy with what I see so far and will continue to finish the 8-12 weeks. I wish this product existed 30 years ago when I had my accident…it works wonders.”
B. Seng, Plano TX

“I was so surprised after a few weeks of using this product. My scars look years old, and I recently had surgery about 6 weeks ago! The scars used to be raised and bright red and purple, but not anymore. They are smooth and almost all the color has disappeared. It looks as if they have been healing for years.”
Ashley, TX

“My 14 yr old daughter was burned with grease splatter on her arm while cooking on the stove. I was not sure what to do for the scars that remained. My doctor recommended the Scaraway silicone strips after they healed to help fade the bright red color and the even out the abnormal texture. There were about 5 different spots where there were scars. I bought the Scaraway 3″ sheets and cut them into several smaller pieces to cover each of the spots. I was skeptical because I had never heard of these before..I am so glad we tried them! After only a few weeks the scars are amazingly improved! My daughter is thrilled. She thought she would be scarred for life and after so much improvement so fast, we are both excited to see how they do over the next few weeks. They are also very easy to use and thinner than I imagined and comfortable. The directions say to continue to use until scar is showing no response for 7-10 days. The patches are a tan color…but my daughter decorates the cloth side with fun designs/colors with sharpies..Thanks ScarAway!”
Happy Mom and daughter

“I have had great results with ScarAway gel sheets. I would recommend them to anyone because they are so easy to use. Thanks.”
Wendy Q

“I would recommend it to any other person needing scar treatment.”
Sandra, New York, NY

“Works like magic!”
Melissa, Pennsville, NJ

“After using the Scar Away patches my scar has returned to natural skin color and the scar became smaller, smoother and is now barely noticeable after about 3 months. Thanks.”
Bob R.,  Albuquerque, NM

“I had surgery on my left hand on September 22 and again used ScarAway afterward. The scars receded and healed beautifully. I am currently coordinating with my surgeon for a third surgery and you can be assured that I will be using ScarAway for this healing process too!”
Susan F., Philadelphia, PA

“I love your product. I have a 27 year old keloid across my upper chest area. I use 2 long & 1 short strips across to cover the scar. I am so happy with your product. It is the first time in many years that I can sleep well at night. ScarAway makes the scars soft and pliable and supports the healthy tissue so that it now moves with my body while I sleep. It also reduced the itching and sharp sudden pains that I experienced through out the day. On special occasions I now have the confidence of “scar coverage” to wear something more flattering. Thank you for the hope you have given more and may you contiune to make this wonderful product.”
- Dianne Happe